Review – Brandon, FL – Sumatra Bistro & Cafe

by Nicole Lee

A quick note from Nicole Lee: Wednesday Cook Night was put on hold this week in lieu of picking up Thor tickets for tonight’s midnight release and for watching the Tampa Bay Lightning STOMP THE HELL out of the Washington Caps. Next week we will resume our regularly scheduled programming, so stay tuned. :)

For breakfast on Sunday morning Scott, his father and I went to Sumatra Bistro & Cafe. I had been for lunch once before, so I had a little bit of an idea of what to look forward to, but I’d never had their morning food. Was it worth it? Absolutely. There was a little hiccup with service at the beginning of the meal, but they made up for it. Our server was friendly and accommodating to be sure. The menu boasts local and organic ingredients including items like a grilled eggplant sandwich with fresh mozzarella and a bitter greens salad with house dressing (see photo below) all the way to organic buckwheat waffles and pancakes. Decor is cozy, location is both easy to find and comfortable parking, indoor and outdoor (pet friendly) seating. Overall I give it a four out of five and will certainly be in there again.

sm2 sm3


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