Free Comic Book Day 2011 – Read More Comics

by Nicole Lee

May 7th marked the tenth annual Free Comic Book Day which I celebrated at Read More Comics (the best comic book store in Brandon!). Also in attendance were  local comic book artists Justin Peterson, Barry Mazzoni, Lee Bretschneider, and Clark Leslie (joint artwork pictured above, from left to right: Justin, Clark, Barry and Lee). Attendance and sales were through the roof and as Scott so lovingly said to me, “Eff digital comics, we’ve still go it!” (His language was a little more colorful, but you get the picture, haha.)

Overall it was tons of fun, there were a great many fans of all ages and a great introduction to a crowd that is interesting and full of life. Whether you’re a Marvel or DC fan, or if you’re aiming for the less mainstream stories, Free Comic Book Day, Read More Comics and all the artists and writers are still in it to stay. So enjoy the photos below and feel free to check out the rest <a href=”“>over on Facebook</a>!

26    8

18    11


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