Tampa Bay Lighting Watch Party – Game 2

by Nicole Lee

Though I was born in Florida I spent most of my life in Michigan. I am a hockey fan beyond words. I played for eight years when I was young and have watched it as long as I can remember. So when I moved to Florida I thought I was leaving a huge part of my life behind. Boy oh boy was I wrong! Tampa has a great hockey following and ever since they announced Steve Yzerman (my FAVORITE PLAYER OF ALL TIME) as their GM they have only been rising in the ranks. And when the St. Pete Times Forum told us they’d be hosting watch parties for away games during the Finals? OH YES, you knew I’d be there!

The crowd was rambunctious, the food was surprisingly delicious and the weather was cold. Everything was perfect. It was just what I remembered hockey being, and even though I’m situated in the Tampa area, rather than the frozen north, I definitely found kindred spirits. (I’m also glad to have introduced a little part of my life to Scott’s.)

Unfortunately! the Lightning did lose last night’s game 5-6, leaving the series 1-1. But there’s time to catch up and they’ll be home tomorrow to take it Boston, cause let’s face it- they are ALL IN!

TBL 018       TBL 013

TBL 038   TBL 005   TBL 039


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