Review – Brandon, FL – New Hot Wok

by Nicole Lee

Nestled in a nearly abandoned shopping center on Kingsway Road, New Hot Wok could possibly be the best Chinese/Thai take out in town! We used to hit a couple of different joints but this one has stolen the show. It’s no more expensive or greater distance to make pick it up (as they do not deliver) but they do absolutely everything right.

My suggestions are: flip the menu over and order from the Thai side. The curries are heavenly, the spring rolls (not summer) are spectacular and the fried rice is to die for.

The owners are the cutest and sweetest people I’ve ever met. They give us Thai tea while we wait for our food to be delivered, the mango/cucumber salad pictured below is also tossed in on the house. They recognize us when we walk through the door and offer a kind good bye when we exit with way more food that is necessary.

I would recommend this hole in the wall to anyone in town and am sure to make a visit myself at least once a week!


One Comment to “Review – Brandon, FL – New Hot Wok”

  1. Place looks good, I’ll have to try it!

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