Spooky Empire’s May-Hem – Orlando – March 28 and 29 – Party with the Boondock Saints

by Nicole Lee

Last weekend brought on the first horror convention I’ve ever experience. Yes, it was in May, which seems odd, but really it works. If you’re a horror fan in October/Halloween you ought to be all year. That said, the event was hosted by the same people that do the October ScreamFest, so I know they knew what they were doing. Also, THE BOONDOCK SAINTS WERE THERE!!

Okay, it was really hard to hold that it in. I mean, come one! THE BOONDOCK SAINTS! Sean Patrick Flanery and Norman Reedus spent the whole weekend hanging out or Orlando, Florida. Dudes were the coolest. The con itself was kind of small, less than impressive, but overall a lot of fun. The people in attendance were real horror fans. The shows, the trivia, the paraphernalia, they had it down. Either way, the highlight of my weekend was the Saints, as can be seen below as they were the only people I photographed

But the really cool part? They showed up for the Saturday night pool party. When we saw them moving through the crowd (even as drunk as we were) we know we needed candid “we-really-did-this” photos. So we wedged in and both of them took me around the waist. When we realized we were probably too intoxicated to take the photos ourselves did they tell us to hurry up or eff of? NO! Sean Patrick Flanery took my phone and took the photos FOR US!!

They are, without a doubt, the coolest celebrities I have ever met. Fun, sociable, appreciative and real. Honestly, one of the best weekends EVER!

P.S. I figured I’d toss this last photo in as a bonus. We had it taken pro, but this file was take with my phone. There’s a glare, but oh well. When we get the digital file I’ll post or link to it. :)

(That’s a Walking Dead t-shirt.)


One Comment to “Spooky Empire’s May-Hem – Orlando – March 28 and 29 – Party with the Boondock Saints”

  1. sweet photos, i love boondock saints, jealous!!

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