Nameless Caturday with Loki

by Nicole Lee

Dear Readers,

I have hijacked Nicole’s computer in hopes of getting some help from all of you. You see, I have this new toy and other than Frost it’s all that keeps me company through the long days Nicole is working and the nights she spends with Scott’s catbabies (she asked me to tell you she’ll be introducing all of them soon too).

So all of that aside I am having some serious problems naming my new little friend. I have a picture too, so maybe you can give me some suggestions. Things to know:

  • It does not make any sounds
  • It’s stuffed just perfectly so it’s squishy, but not too firm
  • I carry it with me all of the time
  • It’s my new snuggle buddy

Please see below and let me what you think! I greatly appreciate your help and thank you in advance. I’m going to turn this back over to Nicole now, so look forward to some more of her silly, nonsensical ramblings I mean, pictures and events coming soon!

Most humbly yours,



2 Comments to “Nameless Caturday with Loki”

  1. It’s my older big brother! I miss you and Frost even though he was mean to me sometimes, but you were always sweet! Jarren is doing well, and he misses you two a lot. He takes good care of me, although sometimes I think he works too much. I wish Nicole and Jarren didn’t have to work at all, and then they could devote all their time and attention to us!

    I’m gonna go meow at him now so he’ll pet me. Training a human is so easy.

  2. Little Mistingard! We miss you too!

    Frost is sleeping in the other room, but next time you make it around I’ll make sure to put him on.

    It’s been such a long time, but I’m glad you stopped in. We would all love to hear from you again from time to time and tell Jarren it’s time to start taking some damn photos! I need to update my contact list and the only pictures I have of you Nicole took *years* ago.

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