Wednesday Cook Night – Special Edition with birthdays, pie and memories

by Nicole Lee

When I was growing my my mother’s parents lived with us for the better part of my life. It was an experience that I know most children don’t get and as look back now that they’re both gone I have some of the best memories of them. More than the average person has of their grandparents. And a lot of those memories revolve around food. Poppy was a wonderful cook (and Mom says Nanny was too but that was before they lived with us) and my mother learned some great stuff from them, as well as inheriting the cookbooks!

It was no surprise to me, in this case, that my brother requested Ow-yok-sung for his birthday dinner. Now, keep in mind, my brother’s and and mother’s birthdays are June 5th and mine is June 17th. So within twelve days we get all three of us out of the way. Now that we’re older and don’t have Barbie themed sleep over parties or something of the like it’s usually easier for us to get together and celebrate all at once. So Mom made Nanny and Poppy’s Ow-yok-sung, we drank Poppy’s sweet old fashioneds, ate delicious sour cream apple pie (my request!)  and talked about all sorts of memories. Overall it was one of the best birthdays I can remember. We’ll have to see what Scott comes up with to beat it. ;)

(That’s Mom’s hand.)


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