Review – Tampa, FL – Daily Eats

by Nicole Lee

Last Sunday Scott turned to me and said, “Entertain me, monkey!” No, no, that’s a joke, but we did have a little trouble deciding what we wanted to do. Most of our lives together revolve around food. What to eat, where to eat, how long it will take to get to the places we do eat, etc. So I grabbed my Yelp! bookmarks list and started naming breakfast/brunch restaurants I had thought about trying over the two years I’ve been collecting. We skimmed over a few in Clearwater and St. Pete, but there was a gay pride festival going on which we feared would end up keeping us waiting for hours and hours.

Instead we settled on Daily Eats in Tampa. I knew I had never been and Scott thought he hadn’t (turns out when we pulled in he realized he had, but oh well). Reviews looked good and it wasn’t a huge distance.

The place was packed! We chose to sit outside on the island bar facing the street. We started with grapefruit mimosas (decliiiious!!) and each had one of the special breakfast bowls. I with “The Boot”: Scrambled eggs with pepperocini, kalamata olives, green peppers, diced tomatoes, and feta cheese on a bed of fresh spinach (pictured first); and Scott with “The Tijuana”: Eggs scrambled with vegetable chili, shredded pepperjack and guacamole, served over homefries (pictured second). I have to say I think I preferred his. I added jalapenos to mine, but they were pickled and just didn’t have the kick I was looking for. Also, the feta doesn’t melt and there was no “sauce”, whereas his had the chili, guacamole and cheese. Either way, they were both delicious and we definitely polished them off! I’d go back again and would like to see what the lunch and dinner menus have to offer. It was a great day.



4 Comments to “Review – Tampa, FL – Daily Eats”

  1. Your photography has really reached an all new level. Love the food pics! This place looks pretty good.

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