The Fourth of July 2011 – Part 1 – Drive and arrival

by Nicole Lee


Note: This post is going to take a few segments. I’ve got a lot to post about over the next few days so bear with me.

Fourth of July, 2011. Where do I even start? Scott told me a few days before that he had reserved a room in Miami for us. Not only that, but he had rented the beauty of an automobile that you see posted above. There was no question in my mind that I would pick up and rock out for a weekend on South Beach,  of course! I mean, I was born in Florida, but have never spent much time in the south. Cuban food you say? Beautiful beaches? I can walk around the streets with booze in my hand? Sold, sold, sold.

The ride down was four and a half or so, we checked in and went for food (I’ll post the review of the restaurant in a day or so). Then went to the beach to take photos (because we are cam-whores). All the following were taken with my iPhone and, if filtered, sent through or PS Express for the iOS. It was so much fun!




2 Comments to “The Fourth of July 2011 – Part 1 – Drive and arrival”

  1. You guys are so insanely cute together. I liked reading about your adventure!

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