Fourth of July 2011 – Part 2 – Sazon for dinner

by Nicole Lee

One of the biggest things that drew me to the Miami area was the promise of delicious Cuban food. Something about “the closest you can get to Cuba while remaining continental”? So if that’s what I was going for- Sazon was delicious food.

That said, If you’re looking for a great dining experience and going to Sazon is in your plan the single most important question you can ask yourself is this: Do you speak Spanish? If the answer is yes then you’re good to go. If the answer is no you’ll be in the somewhat unfortunate position that I found myself in. See, thing is I understand a good bit of Spanish, so I know what you’re (being the “Spanish speaker” in this case) saying. I’m just not able to speak back (though I would love to change this). So when we didn’t get our menus for fifteen minutes, but the Spanish speakers beside us did immediately, and when I ordered drinks and they both cost too much and took too long, but the Spanish speakers beside us got theirs immediately, I was a little put off. I guess it must be a cultural thing, right?

The arroz con pollo say it would take twenty minutes, but I don’t think it did. There was a hearty crowd, and the food was really tastly. But when push comes to shove? I missed the Taco Bus. Or Sukothai, or any of my other Tampa hang outs. And fact was they got $60 of my hard earned money. In that case does my language matter? Apparently yes and apparently too damn much.


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