Yelp Elite! – Review of the Day – Mel’s Hot Dogs

by Nicole Lee

I don’t double post in a single day often, but this seemed like a good reason to start.

Last night Yelp Tampa’s new community manager gathered us for our very first official get together at Cheap. I’ve been a part of this community for the better part of five years and have met some of my best friends through this website. It’s homey, honest and overall the best review site I’ve found on the whole of the internet. So when they announced we would finally be on the Yelp! map I was thrilled.

Now, adding to my list of accomplishments they have also chosen one of my reviews as “Review of the Day” to be displayed on the main page for everyone to see. Not that it’s a huge thing and carries next to no bragging rights, it does make me feel good. Knowing that I am helping people in their daily choices for eateries.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the new heights we can reach and what Tampa can get out of having such a wonderful group working toward a bigger and brighter tomorrow!

To check out my review go sign up for Yelp! or just click here. ;)


4 Comments to “Yelp Elite! – Review of the Day – Mel’s Hot Dogs”

  1. And to think i was there, just inches from fame!

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