Fourth of July 2011 – Part 3 – CJs Crab Shack for dinner

by Nicole Lee

After our mediocre Cuban we decided it was time for some seafood. CJ’s Crab Shack came up on Yelp! and was close to where we were wandering on Ocean Drive. So we settled in for what we hoped would be a delicious meal. For starters we grabbed a margarita for me and a mojito for Scott. They were $10 each, which is steep, but we knew where we were and had already been paying about that much since we arrived. To start we also ordered two appetizers: clams and drunken shrimp. There appeared to be some sort of mix up because we never received the clams, but we got two orders of the shrimp- fortunately they tasted delicious. Buttery, fatty and garlicy. Could I ask for anything more?

For entrees we followed it up with blackened mahi with a side of hush puppies and corn on the cob (for me!) and fish and chips (for him, but we share). I didn’t get a good photo of mine unfortunately (we’d been doing a hell of a lot of drinking over the weekend). It tasted good. The winning dish though was the fish and chips. Scott made the right choice and we devoured everything on the table.

To finish off we had some key lime pie. It was good, but to me when you start adding sauces and soaking the crust in…well…something (I couldn’t tell what, but it was was too sugary). I like my desserts tart and unadorned for the most part. But thankfully they didn’t dye it green or do anything equally as cheesey.

Overall the food was a definite 4-star. We sat outside and I didn’t look inside, but the sidewalk seating was great. People watching was fun and the weather was beautiful. Service? Meh. Like I said with the appetizers, she missed the one, brought two of the other one. She never asked if we wanted a second drink, was somewhat inattentive and distant, but we didn’t really care. The real kicker though? We got the bill. Now, I know. Two drinks, two apps, two entrees and one dessert. It adds up fast. But let me show you exactly how it added up. Make sure you’re sitting down when you click this link, okay? Ready, set, GO!

…THAT’S CRAZY! Am I right? I mean day-um. Either way, the food was pretty damn good. I don’t think I’d go back, but for where we were, what we got and the memories? Yeah, I guess it was worth it.


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