30 day photo challenge – November 12-14

by Nicole Lee

This is set (2) of my 30 day project with Rob (make sure to go check out his counterparts for the prompts!). Please enjoy!

delicious; อร่อย

This was taken at Wat Mongkolratanaram (the local Thai temple). It is, without a doubt, the closest I’ve been to Thailand since I got home. The food is incredible the volunteers are either Thai, people who lived there or married into Thai families, etc. They are friendly, informed and so, so, so happy. It makes me feel like I’m wandering the Thai markets all over again. I couldn’t be happier than when I’m there. (Outtakes one and two, just for your viewing pleasure.)

sticky; เหนียว

This is Starscream’s innards. I was trying to change the battery, drain the gas, flush the lines, etc. I ended up having to WD-40 the screw (the one out of focus) to get the fuse box up so I could get everything else out. My fingers were sticky as hell by the time I got it all out and switched around. I felt so amazing and accomplished. It didn’t work, but I learned a lot about motorcycle maintenance.

man made; มนุษย์ทำ

This is two-for if you will. This is my dad pouring cocktails over dinner in the kitchen he built/remodeled. I had a lot of other ideas for this prompt, but I’m happy with how it came out and I’m glad I got to “showcase” my dad’s work. At some point or another I’ll have to get a full shot of the room because it really is gorgeous.


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