30 day photo challenge – November 15-17

by Nicole Lee

And so set (3) of my thirty day project is revealed- and as previously stated, make sure to keep up with Rob for the sister part of these prompts!

purple; สีม่วง

When I first saw this prompt it brought me back to my childhood. When I was in elementary school I had a purple cotton shirt and shorts that I adored. Additionally, I paired this outfit with purple high tops (like these!!). Unfortunately those items are long since retired. Instead, my mom told me she was making eggplant tacos (surprisingly delicious!) and I couldn’t help but use it for today.

empty; หมด

I had something different planned for this, but as I forgot about my Yelp! Elite event it didn’t come through. Instead I ended up at the bar. I was going for a different angle, but with the low light, no ability to move around (crowded bar with a 50mm prime), etc. it just didn’t happen. All in all, though, I think I like it.

irony; การแฝงนัย

As soon as I came across this prompt I was worried. Fortunately a friend (and the weather!) came through. I live in the “Sunshine State”, but it rains more than pretty much anywhere else I’ve ever lived- Thailand being the obvious exception. So, this morning’s rain delivered a subtle hat’s off to the ironic and gave me a great way to nearly hit my 33% marker!


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