Decision Making and Lifestyles – Going Vegetarian!

by Nicole Lee


** This is going to be one of the few posts I put up without any pictures, but this decisions is important enough that I really wanted to share/document it and the thought process that led me to it.

So, for a while I used eat strictly vegetarian, but it was mostly for weight loss and other reasons that didn’t carry enough weight for me to want to stick through. Sometime in the last two years (either September/October of last year or the year before) a friend of mine had challenged me to a 30 day vegetarian test. I failed. Why? A number of reasons. The guy I was dating at the time had little to no respect for the fact that that’s what I wanted and I just sort of caved to the pressure. She, on the other hand, has successfully transitioned into a strictly vegan lifestyle. (Wow!)

Looking back, I see myself, now two years out of the vegetarian lifestyle I used to lead, feeling more sluggish. I’ve gained some of the weight back that I’d lost. My hair is dry and brittle, my asthma is more easily inflamed, etc. As a general feeling I am just not happy- a huge change from how I felt physically when I didn’t have animal proteins.

Logically I started doing research into the pros and cons of eating this way and the repercussions of being part of the “machine” that is required to continue producing animals for our consumption. I’ll tell you right now, if nothing else, it makes me sick to my stomach. I guess I’d read some articles on how terrible animals are treated. I’d her statistics and filed them under “things to know”. I’d read about how it affects the environment, but none of it has had the impact that my recent research has come up with.

I don’t live the most green life possible. I’m not entirely aware of how my personal life affects the world around me- but I really, really want to change that. So here’s step one. I’ll be documenting the recipes, products and meals that I come across as well as restaurants and local events. I am so damn excited!!



References and great places to start (please add to this list if you have anything!):

PETA – Vegetarian Starter Kit

Scotty Young – How to become a vegetarian

Try Veg

Become vegan – It’s easier than you think!

British Meat – 49 Good reasons for being a vegetarian


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