Thanksgiving – A day of way too much food!

by Nicole Lee

Thanksgiving 2011 marks my third celebration of the holiday in this state, and it just so happens to be one of my favorite holidays. It’s not ruled by the ins and outs of a specific religion. It’s not overly commercialized like some of the others. It can be celebrated by anyone in the country regardless of race, gender or denomination. I get to see my friends and my family and the general feeling is nothing but thankfulness for the things we have, the people in our lives and opportunities we have been afforded here in the United States.

And let me be extremely honest: I am so blessed. It is difficult for me to even begin to explain it so I’m not going to. What I have, what I’ve learned this year, and the new places I’m headed are both personal and indescribable, but to all of the support I’ve- well, anyway, thank you, to all of you who have made my life the wonderful existence it is.

Now, moving on, this meal, as the photos below will show, was not entirely vegetarian- but! I did have enough to eat that was and trust me it was all delicious! My plate, toward the bottom, includes mashed potatoes, stuffing, asparagus with roasted red peppers, corn pie, and a vegan pumpkin pasta that I made! I will be re-visiting that recipe in the next week or two as a post on it’s own just as a heads up.

Photos: 1 (above)- brie, 2 (below)- homemade hummus and pitas, 3- meat and cheese platter, 4- veggie platter, 5- Bob carving the turkey, 6- brown sugar glazed ham, 7- asparagus with roasted red peppers, 8- my dinner!, 9- chipmunk salt and pepper shakers, 10- Danny (my brother), 11- Ilona (Bob and Shelley’s renter), 12- Bob (the host), 13- my Dad!, 14- my Mum (isn’t she beautiful?!)!

Also- I would love to hear from anyone about how their Thanksgiving went, just drop a comment and let me know. :)



2 Comments to “Thanksgiving – A day of way too much food!”

  1. Happy Thanksgiving!!! It looks like you enjoyed a wonderful feast!! I love the chipmunk salt and pepper shakers. So cute :D

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