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November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving – A day of way too much food!

by Nicole Lee

Thanksgiving 2011 marks my third celebration of the holiday in this state, and it just so happens to be one of my favorite holidays. It’s not ruled by the ins and outs of a specific religion. It’s not overly commercialized like some of the others. It can be celebrated by anyone in the country regardless of race, gender or denomination. I get to see my friends and my family and the general feeling is nothing but thankfulness for the things we have, the people in our lives and opportunities we have been afforded here in the United States.

And let me be extremely honest: I am so blessed. It is difficult for me to even begin to explain it so I’m not going to. What I have, what I’ve learned this year, and the new places I’m headed are both personal and indescribable, but to all of the support I’ve- well, anyway, thank you, to all of you who have made my life the wonderful existence it is.

Now, moving on, this meal, as the photos below will show, was not entirely vegetarian- but! I did have enough to eat that was and trust me it was all delicious! My plate, toward the bottom, includes mashed potatoes, stuffing, asparagus with roasted red peppers, corn pie, and a vegan pumpkin pasta that I made! I will be re-visiting that recipe in the next week or two as a post on it’s own just as a heads up.

Photos: 1 (above)- brie, 2 (below)- homemade hummus and pitas, 3- meat and cheese platter, 4- veggie platter, 5- Bob carving the turkey, 6- brown sugar glazed ham, 7- asparagus with roasted red peppers, 8- my dinner!, 9- chipmunk salt and pepper shakers, 10- Danny (my brother), 11- Ilona (Bob and Shelley’s renter), 12- Bob (the host), 13- my Dad!, 14- my Mum (isn’t she beautiful?!)!

Also- I would love to hear from anyone about how their Thanksgiving went, just drop a comment and let me know. :)


November 16, 2011

30 day photo challenge – November 12-14

by Nicole Lee

This is set (2) of my 30 day project with Rob (make sure to go check out his counterparts for the prompts!). Please enjoy!

delicious; อร่อย

This was taken at Wat Mongkolratanaram (the local Thai temple). It is, without a doubt, the closest I’ve been to Thailand since I got home. The food is incredible the volunteers are either Thai, people who lived there or married into Thai families, etc. They are friendly, informed and so, so, so happy. It makes me feel like I’m wandering the Thai markets all over again. I couldn’t be happier than when I’m there. (Outtakes one and two, just for your viewing pleasure.)

sticky; เหนียว

This is Starscream’s innards. I was trying to change the battery, drain the gas, flush the lines, etc. I ended up having to WD-40 the screw (the one out of focus) to get the fuse box up so I could get everything else out. My fingers were sticky as hell by the time I got it all out and switched around. I felt so amazing and accomplished. It didn’t work, but I learned a lot about motorcycle maintenance.

man made; มนุษย์ทำ

This is two-for if you will. This is my dad pouring cocktails over dinner in the kitchen he built/remodeled. I had a lot of other ideas for this prompt, but I’m happy with how it came out and I’m glad I got to “showcase” my dad’s work. At some point or another I’ll have to get a full shot of the room because it really is gorgeous.

November 12, 2011

30 day photo challenge – November 9-11

by Nicole Lee

I love taking photographs. I absolutely love it. Currently I am trying to “break into the business” in a way that I had never before considered possible, but lately I’ve had a number of people come to me asking if I’ll take their photos- for money! I’ve taken these jobs and moving forward all money I make from photographing will go straight to a “Nicole needs a Canon 7D” fund. Food photography is my passion (as some of you may have guessed) and ultimately my goal is to take that route.

So, in anticipation of making this more of a life path than just a hobby I enlisted the help of my friend Rob (who I met on the internet years and years ago, but have had the pleasure of visiting as well) to do a 30 day project. A photo a day with a prompt (which I stole from here). I’ll post them in threes, for a total of ten posts. I may fall behind in getting them up here regularly, but rest assured, I will continue to take them.

So, without further adieu, here are the first three. Enjoy!

upside down; คว่ำ 

I tend to put all of my condiments back into my fridge upside down. I hate trying to bang it out of the bottom every time I go to use something. I struggle with this sometimes because most everything falls over as soon as I open it, but I cannot seem to make myself stop.

reflection; เงา

This is Starscream. One of my favorite possessions. I bought him and year and a half ago and currently he’s not running. I also just realized he needs a damn good cleaning as I attempted to get the “car side mirror but on a motorcycle” shot.

inside; ภายใน

When I start doing these sorts of projects I always want to take a picture of something means something to me, but recently I have come to the conclusion that it’s not necessarily about that. I need to take photos just for the sake of taking photos. So when I read the prompt “inside” I looked around my house and found the first thing that had an inside and I used it. Oddly, I really kind of like it.

August 24, 2011

Chicago in a nutshell

by Nicole Lee

It’s been almost a month since most of these photos were taken and most of them have kind of been lost in the memory. I’m not sure what the restaurants were called, where in Chicago they were actually located or the timeline involved as to when we did anything. Anyhow, this is one of the follow up posts to the David and Lisa engagement photos trip. I’m just going to post them, enjoy for what they are, but seriously don’t ask me where/when they came from. :)



July 16, 2011

Fourth of July 2011 – Part 4 – Miami Tour

by Nicole Lee

And to wrap up the Fourth of July here are a few photos from around town. By the time I was taking most of these I had been drinking a little bit so I had to over edit a lot of it. The black and whites are blown out beyond belief, but I think I kind of like it. (The “Scott does Spiderman” at the end is my favorite, though. He was hanging from that tree and within two seconds of the shutter snapping he fell, flat on his back. He had a huge sore for days. Poor sir.)