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July 6, 2011

The Fourth of July 2011 – Part 1 – Drive and arrival

by Nicole Lee


Note: This post is going to take a few segments. I’ve got a lot to post about over the next few days so bear with me.

Fourth of July, 2011. Where do I even start? Scott told me a few days before that he had reserved a room in Miami for us. Not only that, but he had rented the beauty of an automobile that you see posted above. There was no question in my mind that I would pick up and rock out for a weekend on South Beach,  of course! I mean, I was born in Florida, but have never spent much time in the south. Cuban food you say? Beautiful beaches? I can walk around the streets with booze in my hand? Sold, sold, sold.

The ride down was four and a half or so, we checked in and went for food (I’ll post the review of the restaurant in a day or so). Then went to the beach to take photos (because we are cam-whores). All the following were taken with my iPhone and, if filtered, sent through or PS Express for the iOS. It was so much fun!



April 26, 2011

An Italian Easter with Cat Babies and Gators, Part 2

by Nicole Lee

As promised, post two of Easter fun. I have to say I still feel like a Florida newbie sometimes, but more and more I’ve begun to realize this is home now. I’ve been here going on two years (end of May), which doesn’t seem like a whole long, but the longer I stay the more content I seem to be. No, I don’t have snow on Halloween. No I don’t have snow on Thanksgiving. No I don’t have snow on Christmas. No I don’t have snow on [insert any holiday ALL YEAR LONG]. I guess I miss the nostalgia of my childhood, but deep down, getting away from that part of my life has been great for me. And Florida offers so much beauty. So spending the second half of Easter in Lettuce Lake Park, with Scott and his father, was probably the best way to celebrate. I’m glad I got to do this with them and am especially happy at how cared about and accepted I felt. That’s what holidays and get togethers are supposed to be about anyway, right? It was perfect.

We followed this little adventure up with Disney’s “African Cats”, this year’s Earth Day special. Obviously, Scott and I being the cat people are we just couldn’t pass it up. It was breathtakingly beautiful. There must be months worth of actual footage and the story was at least 18-24 months worth of timeline. The characters, yes,  I know they were “just cats”, but the characters were engaging. I was scared for Sita, the cheetah, and her cubs.  I was worried for Mara, the lion cub, when her mother was hurt and Kali was taking over the pride. I was moved. The sheer force of nature and it’s driving instinct is intense. And to view this from a squishy human point of view? Without our technology we would never survive. I encourage you to see or rent it when you can. It’s a great documentary and if nothing else, the scenery (and Samuel L. Jackson narrating!) is worth more than words can say.

With that I’m signing off. This became more of a novel than I intended, of course, but it was such a great holiday. Moving on! Tomorrow is Wednesday Cook Night with spicy meatloaf on the menu (or maybe Japanese salmon and rice?). Look forward to the photos and recipe on Thursday!

P.S. Scott’s dad spotted a baby gator just lazing around in the river while we were at Lettuce Lake! It was the first time I had ever seen one in the wild and while it couldn’t have been more than two feet long as I was leaning over the handrail of the boardwalk all I could think of was Lake Placid and how my life was about to end. Fortunately I survived and the photographic evidence of our discovery is below. Enjoy!


the walk     the walk

me     me

Photos 1, 5-7 taken by Scott, photo 9 taken by Garry, all others and processing by me